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Oh yeah, it's been 11 days since I last time updated about my daily routine, not just Twitter tweets or random thought or just plain old whining.

For some reason or other, I have been sleeping really late these days. I might wake up early in the mornings, but I decide to lay around for a while and fantasize about Team Fortress 2 gay porn and then I end up sleeping all the way to half past one in the afternoon. I blame my bed for being too comfortable (me, lazy? Never!).

I haven't done much to contribute for Christmas. I haven't even tried to psyche myself for the festive mood, and I haven't even bought the rest of the presents yet; I am going to buy them for my family, and also for Suvi and Jamie. Believe me, if I had the biggest penny in the world I would buy presents for everyone whose address I have, because I know you deserve them.

I would like to update more, but I've got some other stuff to do. So, see you around.
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