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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

Errare humanum est

There's this one thing I don't understand; why does homophobia actually exist?

I mean, there are a lot of problems in this world, like drug use and terrorism. Some drug pushers may or may not be LGBT, some terrorists may or may not be LGBT, but drug use or terrorism is not the main thing in being LGBT. The main thing is also not converting children or spreading HIV (some people do it, whether they be LGBT or straight).

The main thing is being able to be the person you are, and feel mutual love toward another person (I'm emphasizing the word "mutual" because some people, when being told that love knows no boundaries, say something like "Oh yeah, and pedophiles and rapists love their victims too!" That's not true, sexual abuse is abuse and there is no love in abuse).

Of course, there are LGBT people who practice sexual abuse or drug use, and there are straight people who do that too. I find it rather weird that when a LGBT person does a mistake, all the LGBT people are blamed for it. When a straight person does a mistake, everyone think Errare humanum est, to err is human.

Some homophobic people use rather shallow excuses, such as they hate anal sex (but love watching lesbian porn), or how gays act like "poofs" and "fairies" or how lesbians grow their armpit hair and wear trucker shirts.

I wish two men would show their love for each other without being beaten, and two women would walk hand in hand without being raped. Yes, in some parts of the world lesbians are raped in order to convert them.

I just wish some people pulled their head out of their asses and actually saw the world, not in black and white.
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