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I have this reoccurring dream in which I have to go back to grade school junior high or high school because I have missed some classes. I don't know why I have those kind of dreams.

This morning I, miraculously enough, got up at midday instead of sleeping until the dusk falls again. I did the morning routines as usual, then I packed the rest of my stuff and took a bus to my parents' place where I am staying for the holidays, just like every year ever since I moved. Right now I am updating from my parents' place.

My brother was home when I arrived. I put some of my stuff to their place, plugged in my laptop and put some presents under the Christmas tree. I had a few mugs of cocoa and talked to my brother, while helping him load the dishwasher.

I checked my online bank account to see if I had received the extra welfare, which I used to buy the presents.

I was off to buy Christmas presents. Even if I enjoy buying them, this time I somehow felt Naahh, I don't wanna....
I took a train to Helsinki, after I was done I took a bus to Myyrmäki and shopped for more presents in Myyrmanni, then I took a bus to Martinlaakso and visited S- Market to buy a bag of crisps. Then I walked home while munching on the crisps.

Both of my parents were home, I started wrapping up the presents until I was bored of it. But gee, I managed to wrap up most of them!

I'm really glad to be home, and that Christmas is coming.
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