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My Christmas Eve was pretty much the same as every year. Me and my family went to the Hietaniemi burial site to light a candle on my maternal grandparents' grave, and I had a terrible need to pee.
It was dark, only the thousand candles illuminated the night and everyone seemed to be in the festive mood. When mom laid the candle on the grave, I said, as I usually do; "There are grandma and grandpa, resting in the bosom of the Earth."

There was absolutely no snow on the earth, but I didn't care. As long as it's Christmas, those kind of trivial things won't matter, and besides, I like the grey and bleak weather. It appeals to me rather more than snow. While I miss the winters of my early years, I also like it when I or anybody else don't have to trudge knee- deep in snow or slip on ice, and there won't be power outages or trains arriving late and all around a complete chaos when it snows.

After having the Christmas feast and my parents enjoying a cup of coffee and mince pies, we distributed the gifts.
My dad got the biggest haul. I got only four presents, but I don't mind as it's quality over quantity.
# The book Hytti nro. 6 (Cabin number 6) by Rosa Liksom
# Calendar for the year 2012 as illustrated by the Dutch artist and environmental campaigner Marjolein Bastin
# Pair of off- white pajamas with a pattern of either owls or penguins, I'm not sure
# Three small BodyShop bodybutter jars; moringa, shea and wild cherry.

I have to take a dump time after time because I have been stuffing my face between meals; ginger snaps, mince pies, chocolate and so on.

I started a new diary.

I wish you all a merry Christmas, wherever you are.
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